Benefits Of Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space conditions may have an effect on the quality of indoor air. Due to this individuals are advised to take actions that would help in controlling this to ensure that there is no negative impact on their indoor air condition. One of the ways is adapting encapsulation which involves installing vapour barrier on the crawl space that is the floor, also having vertical vapour barriers on the walls, sealing the crawl space vents and having a dehumidifier which conditions the air in the crawl space. This helps to regulate humidity in the crawl space

There are several benefits that come along with having your crawl space sealing. One of the benefits is that there is improved indoor air quality that makes breathing to be easier. This is because the humidity and the air from the crawl space is fully sealed hence there is no access of getting into one’s living room.

Another benefit is that it controls the fungal and mould growth . By having the Vapour barriers it helps to regulate the humidity in the crawl space which is usually one of the elements that facilitates the growth of The molds and the fungi. It is therefore helps in reducing a cost that one would have incurred in maintenance so as to remove the growth on one’s walls or floor.

Another benefit is that it helps to avoid or kill pests and any wood destroying insects. Is made possible because there is no left space in which the insects can easily get into the crawl space due to the Vapour barrier surrounding the space. Since the encapsulation helps to control humidity it ensures there is no dampness which would encourage pests to dwell in such an environment. This therefore becomes a great way of controlling them as they also lack platforms on which they can feed from due to the Vapour barriers.

Encapsulation also contributes to energy efficiency in ones home in a great way. It is stated that it helps in lowering energy bills up to around 20% according to some research that are being conducted. This is therefore a great way of one reducing on the expenditure that one get to use in their homes.

It also contributes and enhances on the comfort that people get from their homes. This therefore becomes a way of adding value to ones home since it helps to ensure that the floors will not be too cold during winter or to be muggy during the summer seasons.

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